How to wear dark lipstick

Jessica Shefsick - Friday, September 25, 2015

Take a walk on the dark side

Happy fall y’all! It’s that time of the year again when you pull out the sweaters, get your long awaited pumpkin spice latte, and spend more time snuggling up than going out. But let’s step out of our comfort zone this fall and add a different kind of spice into our life. We’re talking about running and grabbing some dark shades of lip color and rocking them with those sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes.

Before you get too excited and buy every shade of dark lip color out there, check out some of our easy tips and tricks for this fall must have!

1: Select the right shade

Just like everyone can’t pull off skinny jeans or a certain color top, one must pick the right color of lip to compliment their skin tone. If you have fair skin, it’s best to go for something with a pink base to highlight your eyes, while a richer color for darker skin tones will look best.

2: Play up one feature at a time

When wearing a dark lip, go for a soft eye with some eyeliner, and a light pink or simple bronzer on the cheeks. Keep the focus in the right place!

3: Use a lip pencil to outline

Using a lip pencil before applying the lipstick will help keep it from feathering out. Get a color that is the same shade or a shade darker for a flawless blend.

4: “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”

Remember when wearing any lip color, especially dark, to check your teeth for smudging. A quick tip to prevent any embarrassing grins is to blot your lips with some Kleenex or tissue paper and get any excess color off. If you happen to get color on the inside of your lips, grab a tissue and wrap it around a finger, pop it in your mouth with your lips tight around your finger, then pull it out. Any color that would have gotten on your teeth will be on the tissue and you’ll be worry free!

5: Always bring some backup

For quick touch ups make sure you bring your lip color with you! And to prevent having to do a lot of them, take small bites when eating and drink through straws.


For a flawless dark lip, use a lip brush to apply it evenly; Start from the corners of the mouth and work inwards. For a richer, longer lasting lip, apply the color twice and blot between applications.

Now you are ready to take to those dark lips out with confidence and make every girl want to run home and put theirs on, and every guy wishing he could be the one kissing them!

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