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The Visual Hair Menu

Introducing our New Visual Hair Menu!

I have recently created a menu for our clients to build their own hair style from, a “build your own burger” type concept. It starts with the style- You can choose to wear your hair all up, down, half up half down or a pony tail. Next, you pick your texture; straight, wavy or curly. Then choose the position of style, this applies to all styles except all down. And finally, decide on your part placement and if you want to add a braid or tendrils to your style. With this menu, there are literally hundreds of different creations! This new tool enables our clients to better communicate their likes to the stylist. Consequently, the stylist is able to create a style unique to the individual instead of trying to re-create a style seen on Pinterest or elsewhere. The new menu is also proving itself to be a very handy training tool for our up incoming stylists, making it easier for both the teacher and the student to communicate. This fall is the introduction of using our new menu. And If all goes well, and we believe it will, we’ll be creating a makeup menu in spring 2018. We are super excited about our new menu idea and hope you can see how we are striving to be exceptional in every way. We are different, we are better and we are worth it!

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