Jessica Shefsick

Owner, Makeup Artist

  • I received my professional license in: 2002
  • I've owned BSB since: March 2010
  • My hometown: Centerville, OH
  • My "Claim to Fame”: Creating cheekbones. I call my method the "Neapolitan", it starts with dark under the cheekbones, then blush on the cheekbones, followed by highlighter above the cheekbones. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla!
  • Favorite coffeeshop beverage: Plain Latte, no foam
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Running for sure! I get complete mental clarity on an outdoor morning run. Sometimes I feel like I could solve all of life’s problems, in just a few short miles.
  • Words to live by: Easy doesn’t change you.
  • My Best Beauty Tip: One coat of mascara is never enough!

Bailey Steinhebel

Administrative Assistant & Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist


  • I started with BSB: March 2020
  • My hometown: Bluffton SC
  • My "Claim to Fame”: The youthful glow
  • Favorite coffeeshop beverage: Double espresso on ice!
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: A tie between paddle boarding and painting!
  • Words to live by: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Do what makes you feel beautiful!

Kiah Holland

Premier Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

$250 premium for the request


  • I received my professional license in: 2009
  • I started with BSB: March 2010
  • My hometown: Little Falls, NY
  • My "Claim to Fame”: I’m the queen of the natural glow for brides and I’m also amazing at giving my mature clients (Mother’s of the Bride and Groom) the youthful look they desire.
  • Favorite coffeeshop beverage: Salted caramel mocha frappuccino. Yum!
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Weightlifting/powerlifting. There is such a satisfaction to breaking personal records and just being strong.
  • Words to live by: "Don’t worry about what the world wants from you, worry about what makes you come more alive. What the world really needs is people who are more alive."
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Smile! You can have all the makeup on in the world, or none at all, but without a smile it’s nothing.

Denise Cardenas

Makeup Artist


  • I received my professional license in: 2013
  • I started with BSB in: January 2018
  • My hometown: San Diego, CA
  • My "Claim to Fame: I can make any canvas into beautiful art, and your eyes pop like never before!
  • Favorite coffeeshop beverage: Soy Chai Tea Latte
  • Words to live by: Stay focused on your own vision.
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Hot yoga and Hiking
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Water is your best friend!

Jordan Posey

Hair Stylist


  • I received my professional license in 2012.
  • I started with BSB: May 2017
  • My hometown: Beaufort, South Carolina
  • My "Claim to Fame": I'm able to really listen to my clients concerns from past experiences with other 'special event hair experiences' they've had prior to working with us at Bride's Side. I'm able to transform that into a positive experience where their special day hair dreams come to fruition.
  • Favorite coffeeshop beverage: "The Pink Drink" from Starbucks.
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Power walking on the BACK ROADS in Downtown Beaufort. (Hopefully not spotted by the public!)
  • Words to live by: "Life is too short, but also too long! try to have a good time, ok?"
  • My Best Beauty Tip: "Even Ms.America looks better with a little makeup on." -My mother

Sheldon Johnson

Makeup Artist


  • I received my professional license in: 2019
  • I've been a BSB team member since: November 2019
  • My hometown: Greenville, SC
  • Favorite coffeeshop beverage: Dirty Chai Tea Latte
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: As a collegiate athlete, I loved power lifting, but recently I was introduced to Pure Barre and love it!
  • Words to live by: My mom always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
  • My Best Beauty Tip: The proper skincare routine is the best thing you can do to have any makeup apply flawlessly. If you aren't going to bed like a glazed doughnut, something needs to change. Find great esthetician and stick with their recommendations.

Lindsey Rusek

$250 premium for the request


  • I received my professional license in: 2012
  • I started with BSB: August 2020
  • My hometown: Pittsburgh
  • My "Claim to Fame”: "Perfecting each style and creating your dream look!"
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: Flat white
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Teaching the up and coming cosmetology generation and cycling at Cycle bar!
  • Words to live by: "Live for the moment you can't put into words!"
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Don't forget to pamper yourself!

Betsy Klub


  • I received my professional license in: 1992
  • I started with BSB: June 2021
  • My hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • My "Claim to Fame”: "Long lasting hair styles, by layering just the right products."
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: Mango Dragonfruit Refresher
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: My Pomeranians, Rocky and Claudio
  • Words to live by: "Your hair is an investment, not an expense."
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Invest in professional hair products for the best results.

Kenzie Stone


  • I received my professional license in: 2020
  • I started with BSB: April 2021
  • My hometown: Ridgeland, SC
  • My "Claim to Fame": I love creating half-up half-down looks! I am able to customize each look to achieve a unique, beautiful style every time.
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: Starbucks Pink Drink Favorite exercise, sport or hobby:  I enjoy hiking. I also love football, baseball and reading.
  • Words to live by: "You can never be overdressed or overeducated."-Oscar Wilde
  • My Best Beauty Tip: In the wise words of my grandma, "moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and don't forget SPF"!

Cindy Macedo

@ luxlashesmakeupndhair

  • I received my professional license in: 2022
  • I started with BSB: August 2022
  • My hometown: Fort Meade, Florida  
  • My "Claim to Fame": I can make a client feel and look beautiful inside and out. I reassure all my clients that we will get them their desired result.
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Favorite hobby is creating business content, and my favorite exercise is cardio.
  • Words to live by: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Skin is the largest organ of your body, TAKE CARE OF IT, hydrate and stay vibrant!

Marcela Luna


  • I received my professional license in: 2015
  • I started with BSB: December 2021
  • My hometown: Santa Cruz-Bolivia
  • My "Claim to Fame": The Details!
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: white chocolate mocha
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: weightlifting 
  • Words to live by: eat clean, work hard, spend smart, work out, don't compare, be happy!
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Get plenty of sleep.

Dawn Angeletti


  • I started with BSB: August 2021
  • My hometown: Southington, CT
  • My "Claim to Fame":  Put a women “of a certain age” in my chair and I’ll make her feel like a million bucks!
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: black coffee splash of heavy cream 
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby:  thrift store treasure hunting, booping my pets on their noses.
  • Words to live by: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller
  • My Best Beauty Tip: hydration, sleep, happiness, love and gratitude.

Kristy Berry

Makeup Artist


  • I started with BSB: December 2020
  • My hometown: Covington, GA
  • My "Claim to Fame": Achieving the soft natural look that brides love.
  • Favorite coffee shop beverage: Iced matcha green tea with coconut milk.
  • Favorite exercise, sport or hobby: Anything outdoors or on the water, but scuba diving gives me life!
  • Words to live by: Always stay positive and be true to yourself, always be kind. You never know what someone is going through.
  • My Best Beauty Tip: A proper skin care routine and plenty of hydration is the key to beautiful skin.

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