Owner, Premier Hair Stylist

$500 premium for the request

IG handle: @lindseyrae_studio

Hi there, I am the owner of Bride’s Side Beauty. I have been in the Cosmetology world for a little over a decade, specializing in bridal hair for about 7 years. I’ve held countless positions in the field including Salon Leader, Platform artist, Brand Educator, and Cosmetology Instructor before finding my niche in the bridal world. Bridal is my absolute passion; there is nothing more that I love in this world than to make each of my brides feel and look their absolute best!

  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • My “claim to fame”: Making my brides look and feel their absolute best on their special day!
  • Words to live by: Learn to admire the beauty in others without questioning your own.
  • My Best Beauty Tip: Don’t forget to splurge and treat yourself, you deserve it!



IG handle: bai.mua

  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • BSB team member since: 2020
  • My "Claim to Fame”: The stunning soft glam look!
  • Words to live by: Do what makes you happy!
  • Best beauty tip: Always add a little glow! Youthful, bright, gorgeous.



$300 premium for the request

IG handle: kiahlynnbeauty

  • Hometown: Little Falls, NY but now Beaufort SC. A little yankee, a little y'all.
  • BSB team member since: 2010
  • My "claim to fame": Enhancing beauty for the natural & soft glam bride.
  • Words to live by: "Don't worry about what the world wants from you, worry about what makes you come more alive. What the world really needs is people who are more alive."
  • Best beauty tip: Invest in yourself, you're worth it. I'm a firm believer that self care and investing in your beauty rituals not only makes you feel beautiful on the outside but also the inside.


Premier Makeup Artist

$250 premium for the request

IG handle: leyfaye90

  • Hometown: Colwyn Bay, Wales, United Kingdom
  • BSB team member since: 2023
  • My “claim to fame”: I'm from the UK and proud to be the only Brit representing the BSB team. I have 13 years of makeup experience and specialize in soft bridal glam. I live for lashes, glowing skin and beauty within.
  • Words to live by: The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot!
  • Best beauty tip: As an eyebrow enthusiast- embrace that natural shape. Eyes are the windows to the soul... but those frames are just as important!


Makeup Artist

IG handle: makeupatelier_bydenise

  • Hometown: Van Nuys ,CA Born (but a true Bluffton, SC Local)
  • BSB team member since: 2018
  • My "claim to fame": Working on set for CBS , it was probably one of the most incredible experiences, and my name is featured internationally for one of their Shows!
  • Words to live by: Talent is Given , Greatness is earned. Be the energy you want to attract.
  • Best beauty tip: Beauty Starts with your mind and soul. Hydrate!



IG handle: bridessidejordan

  • Hometown: Beaufort SC
  • BSB team member since: 2018
  • My “claim to fame”: My curl technique which allows for hold and longevity while still appearing effortless.
  • Words to live by: When facing a seemingly overwhelming or impossible task I remind myself of this question, "how do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time". It allows me to take a step back and remember the best way to solve a big problem is to calmly and systematically take it one step at a time.
  • Best beauty tip: Ladies, pin your curls! Once they cool completely, gently unpin them and style as desired. This is how to make your curls last all day. Nobody likes a lazy, limp...CURL.


Makeup Artist

IG handle: sheldon_walker_beauty

  • Hometown: Greenville, SC
  • BSB team member since: 2019
  • My “claim to fame”: creating killer cheekbones
  • Words to live by: Love hard, tell the truth, be kind and own your mistakes. a little humility goes a long way.
  • Best beauty tip: Wear SPF daily and spend your money on medical grade skincare. This combo will pay you back ten-fold.


Makeup Artist

IG handle: @kristy_berry_mua

  • Hometown: Covington, GA
  • BSB team member since: 2020
  • My "Claim to Fame": Achieving the soft natural look that brides love.
  • Words to live by: Always stay positive and be true to yourself. Always be kind. You never know what someone is going through.
  • My Best Beauty Tip: A proper skin care routine and plenty of hydration is the key to beautiful skin.



IG Handle: hairblissbybetsy

  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • BSB Member Since: 2021
  • My “claim to fame”: Long lasting hairstyles, by layering just the right products.
  • Words to live by: Your hair is an investment, not an expense.
  • Best beauty tip: Invest in professional hair products for the best results.


Makeup Artist

IG handle: marcelalunabravo

  • Hometown: Santa Cruz-Bolivia
  • BSB team member since: 2021
  • My "claim to fame": Detailed oriented with over 30 years of experience creating art.
  • Words to live by: Eat clean, work hard, spend smart, work out, don't compare, be happy.
  • Best beauty tip: Drink a lot of water and get enough sleep.
  • Maddy


    IG handle: hairbymaddyfox

    • Hometown: Bluffton, SC
    • BSB team member since: 2021
    • My "claim to fame": Customizing your chosen hairstyle to fit you, your hair, and your outfit.
    • Words to live by: Live Life, Don't Let It Live You
    • Best Beauty tip: Self-Care is not an expense it's an investment!



    IG handle: hmua.kenzies

    • Hometown: Ridgeland, SC
    • BSB team member since: 2021
    • My “claim to fame”: I love creating half-up half-down looks! I am able to customize each look to achieve a unique, beautiful style every time.
    • Words to live by: “You can never be overdressed or over-educated.”
    • Best beauty tip: Don’t forget the SPF!



    IG handle: kimcutterhair

    • Hometown: Savannah, Ga
    • BSB team member since: 2023
    • My “Claim to Fame”: Seeing my grandmother’s maiden name on TV because of my hairstyling for Television and Film.
    • Words to Live by: Faith over Fear
    • Beauty Tip: Be Kind to yourself, if you can't take care of you there's no way you can properly care for someone else.



    IG handle: beautybyalyb

    • Hometown: Rutherfordton, NC
    • BSB team member since: 2023
    • My "claim to fame": I strive to make everyone who sits in my chair look and feel their absolute best on their special day.
    • Words to live by: Go through your life with grace and kindness.
    • Best beauty tip: Beauty comes from within; Smile and remember take care of you!



    IG handle: BeautifulHourr

    • Hometown: Lodge, SC
    • BSB team member since: 2023
    • My “claim to fame”: Always learn from your mistakes and make the best out of it.
    • Words to live by: Just A Sinner Saved by Grace.
    • Best beauty tip: Layer your makeup for the longevity liquid, cream, powder. Always wet that beauty Blender. Know what Products can be put together to work best for your face.

    *Special artist request $100

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