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Wedding Day Prep

Preparing for your hair and makeup appointments on your wedding day!

Your big day is finally here! This once in a lifetime day that you have been dreaming about has arrived and since Bride’s Side Beauty Premier Makeup Artists has been a part of hundreds of weddings, we have a few tips for the day of your wedding. We also have everything you need to know about your hair and makeup appointment for the day of.

What time you are getting married, how many attendants you have and who’s getting their hair and makeup done will determine your hair and makeup start times. Bride’s Side Beauty professional team works to schedule your bridal party so everything runs smoothly and efficiently, no one is waiting around for too long and no one is rushed. It’s that perfect balance that we are so good at so leave this scheduling job to us! How it works: We get the dressed and ready time from either your photographer or your wedding planner. Once that time is set, we work backwards from there. Makeup should be the last thing that you do before you put your dress on. For example, if your ready time is 4:00, we will start makeup at 3:00, everyone else in your party will go before you.

What you do in the morning varies from bride to bride. We know some brides that like to do sunrise yoga, have breakfast with their bridesmaids, get a massage, take a spin class, or take a walk on the beach. Whatever you choose to do in the morning, make sure you have some time to breath, relax and reflect on your exciting day! Then make sure you have enough time to take a long shower, exfoliate your face and body, and shave.  If you didn’t work out in the morning, you may not want to wash your hair, particularly if you are doing an “up-do” as slightly dirty hair tends to work best. If you did sweat, be sure to wash your hair but do not use conditioner and then dry it completely. There’s no need to style, straighten or curl it since that’s what our hair professionals will do!

As far as makeup is concerned, you should not apply any makeup before you get your makeup done. We ask that you lightly moisturize your face and come clean faced and ready for makeup application. We’ll be ready for you!

We will arrive at least 15 minutes before the parties start time at your location. On most occasions, we are running early and love to stay ahead of schedule to keep everyone (including ourselves) feeling confident and relaxed about the wedding day timeline.

Wherever you are getting ready, we recommend bringing snacks, breakfast or lunch for your girls to munch on, some tunes on your iPhone or iPad, and some magazines. Thinking of your appointments as just a day of beauty at the spa with your friends will also help everyone relax.

Bride’s Side Beauty is happy to answer whatever questions you have about your wedding day makeup and hair appointments! We look forward to working with you on your wedding day! 

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